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Art Therapy for Older Adults

Older adults can face many difficult challenges related to grief/loss, decline in independence, medical challenges, depression, anxiety, memory loss, chronic pain, and more. Art therapy can be very effective in treating all these issues. 

We use a very compassionate and gentle approach to create a strong therapeutic relationship and trust with our clients. We create a "safe space" in which people feel comfortable and are able to address difficult challenges as much or as little as they are ready to do. 

This form of treatment is so successful with older adults because it is able to be "fun", engaging, and stimulating as well as a place to work through deep and serious issues being faced. Many older adults we work with have been holding on to painful events or feelings for a long time. It can be very freeing and healing to finally make peace and let out what has been held in all this time. 


Medical challenges and chronic pain are also able to be addressed through art therapy. We use mindfulness practices, aromatherapy, and art to help decrease anxiety, depression, and pain that can come along with having chronic health conditions and pain. This treatment is also able to be adapted for any level of physical or mental functioning.  

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