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     Our services provide individuals with opportunities to increase self-esteem, peer support, outlets of expression, cognitive stimulation, and coping tools to deal with grief, stress, depression, anxiety, and memory loss.

We would love the opportunity to show you what we do!

Memory Care Group

Dementia/Fall Risk Group

Utilizes popular music of times, musical experiences with percussion instruments, poetry, movement, and art therapy directives. Provides opportunities for emotional support, release of excess energy, redirection due to emotional issues/confusion, reminiscing, self-esteem building, and socialization.


Other Services:

Relaxation Group

This group provides a therapeutic space for individuals to learn and utilize mindfulness practices (breathing techniques, aromatherapy, mediation, guided visualizations, etc) to manage and find relief from anxiety, pain, and stress.

Short Term Rehabilitation Group

Utilizes art and music therapy directives to address the emotional, psychological, and physical issues of patient’s personal rehabilitation experience or current life challenges and changes.

Men's Therapy Group

This group provides a therapeutic space for men to connect with peers and express thoughts and emotions. Men are able to address issues related to grief and loss, regrets, accomplishments, veteran and career experiences, etc.

End of Life Care

Non-pharmacological interventions provided to Patients with advanced progressive diagnoses in order to improve quality of life and comfort the Patient and family during end of life. Some interventions include but are not limited to: soothing music, aromatherapy, guided visualizations, therapeutic touch, and emotional support.

Women's Support Group

This group provides a safe place for women to explore thoughts and emotions related to topics of grief and loss, anxiety, depression,  intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships, accomplishments, career and life experiences. Women can gain a peer support system to lean on and learn coping tools to deal with life's stressors.

Long Term Transitional Group

Utilizes art and music therapy directives to address the emotional, psychological, and physical issues of adjusting to living in a Nursing home/Assisted living facility helping to facilitate independence, increase self esteem, dignity, peer support, and well being.

Individual Art Therapy

Individual art therapy sessions allows personalized care for your loved one based on their interests, goals, and abilities. Our art therapists can provide individual sessions wherever you or your loved one may live.

Caregiver's Group

This group provides a safe place to explore the variety of emotions and experiences that come along with care-giving and come up with real solutions to face these common challenges. Individuals will be able to share their thoughts, feelings, experiences, gain coping tools to help manage stress, find ways to balance their lives, and understand they are not alone in their situation.

 Art Therapy Services for Nursing Homes and Assisted Livings

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