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Art Therapy and Dementia

Art therapy has so much to offer individuals at any stage of dementia. Research has shown engaging in creative modalities such as art and music can improve mood, provide cognitive stimulation, assist with reminiscing,  provide relaxation and fun. As art therapists with much experience in working with those with dementia, we are able to not only provide successful creative outlets, but effective mental health treatment as well.

Dementia can make someone feel frightened, depressed, paranoid, agitated, restless, and lead to increased isolation. Art therapy can have a huge impact on all of these difficult issues. Many people find it difficult even to express themselves verbally. Art therapy provides an outlet for non-verbal expression, which in itself is very healing as we all need to express ourselves even as our ability to do so has declined.


Many people wonder if their loved one would be able to do art therapy as they can be difficult to engage in activities or haven't done art before. People are often surprised and elated to see their loved one engage in art therapy and how much they are able to do when given the professional art therapy service we can provide. 

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