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Pain and Anxiety Management
Adjustment to placement

The benefits of mindfulness practices can greatly influence an individuals real and perceived sense of well-being.


Our relaxation group incorporates experiencing and engaging in various mindfulness practices within a peaceful environment. It encourages clients to utilize coping tools to manage stress, anxiety, and pain in and outside of group therapy.

Men's issues

Social constructs can affect regulation and expression of emotions among the male population.


Within a therapeutic environment, men are able to connect with male peers and process challenging feelings and experiences.

Adjusting to life in a facility can be challenging. We provide two groups to assist in coping with these changes, our long term group and our short term rehab group.


In these groups, individuals build connections and provide peer support during these transitions. The short-term group helps clients process their rehabilitation experience and build coping tools to utilize upon their return home while the long-term group assists with coping and adjusting to facility life.

End of Life

Death and dying is part of life. This process can be very difficult for clients and their families.


Emotional support and non-pharmacological interventions can aide in patients and caregivers comfort and quality of life.

Dementia and Restlessness

As dementia and aging progresses, many clients struggle with increased confusion, restlessness, anxiety, agitation, depression, etc. Clients may exert energy in non-productive, dangerous ways such as attempting to stand and engaging in verbal and physical behaviors towards peers, staff, and loved ones.


Utilizing creative modalities allows individuals to express emotions and exert energy through movement, art, musical explorations, poetry analysis, and peer support building.


With the high rates of depression among the elderly population it is essential for us to provide our loved ones with access to supportive services.


All of Rain or Shine Art Therapy's services address the underlying sadness that limits clients functioning and well being.

Caregiver's Challenges

Care-giving can be rewarding but can also be a very daunting experience, which is why it is vital to access resources to support you during these challenging and confusing times. Care-giving is often a full time job and it's easy to spend less attention on other aspects of your life. Don't forget you are just as important as your loved one! It's normal to feel ambivalent in your role as a caregiver. Caregivers may often feel lonely, angry, frustrated, scared, and guilty or underappreciated. You may wonder why this is happening to you and your loved one. 


Our individual sessions and our caregiver's group provides a safe place to explore the variety of emotions and experiences that come along with care-giving and come up with real solutions to face these common challenges. Art therapy allows individuals to be able to share their thoughts, feelings, experiences, and gain coping tools to help manage stress, find ways to balance their lives, and see how they are not alone in their situation.

& Resources
Art Therapy

American Art Therapy Association


A definition and description of what art therapy is, where it is utilized and how it is beneficial.

Art Therapy Facts

Art Therapy Credentials Board

Further understanding of art therapy​​ and its history.

Non-pharmacological interventions in dementia

Advances in Psychiatric Treatment


Various non-pharmacological interventions within dementia care

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