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Tips during COVID19:


  • Be proactive. Follow CDC guidelines for infection control, hygiene, reduction of risk


  • Stay informed but limit the amount of time on social media or time spent watching/listening to the news


  • Connect with family and friends through video chats and phone calls


  • Take advantage of telehealth opportunities


  • Reduce anxiety/stress through mindfulness practices and engaging in stimulating and/or creative tasks


  • If it’s nice and you are able- spend some time outdoors


  • Having a sense of gratitude for all that you have can give you extra hope and positive feelings to better tackle each challenge you are faced with. It may help to create a list to remind yourself!


  • Make time to care for yourself! Take a nice bath, listen to music, connect with loved ones, go outside, get creative, and do things that bring you joy.

For those caring for individuals with memory loss:

  • It can be helpful to provide extra and/or written reminders to practice proper hygiene.

  • Consider placing signs in bathrooms, kitchen, etc. to remind to wash hands with soap for at least 20 seconds.

  • Demonstrate through your handwashing

  • Readily have alcohol-based hand sanitizer around for those unable to wash hands easily.

  • Create alternative plans for care if the primary caregiver becomes sick.

  • Ask your pharmacist about filling larger prescriptions to reduce trips to the pharmacy.

  • Connect with friends and family for assistance to reduce need to go out to grocery store, pharmacy, etc.

  • Make time to care for yourself!

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