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Art therapy for Adults

        As we go through life, we find different ways to be "tough" and get through the hardships life throws at us. Sometimes this can lead us to rely on unhelpful coping methods. We can find it difficult to talk about how we are feeling or what we are going through. Most people experience some type of trauma throughout their life. Although many understand the harm of keeping stress/ issues bottled up inside, it can be difficult or uncomfortable to take steps to address these issues. 

As adults, we can have set opinions about whether we are "creative" or not. We can have set ideas about whether we are "good" at art or not. Art therapy has nothing to do with being "good" at art or being "creative". It is not an art class. It is not a test of your skills and the goal is not to acquire new art skills. The goal is to be a healthier, happier, more adaptable person. 

Art therapy is a powerful form of mental health treatment that has so much to offer and provides many avenues for expressing and processing without relying solely on talking. We all think/dream/communicate with symbols, pictures, and metaphors. These can be very helpful to use within the therapeutic process.  This process is able to be tailored to you specifically and how you work best. It allows one to express through color, line, images, words, music, poetry, and more. As out of your comfort zone as any of these may sound, given the appropriate therapeutic space and time, many people find these modalities extremely helpful and cathartic. It is a space free of judgment, free of "right" and "wrong". It is about you and how to move passed any road blocks stopping you from being your best, healthiest, happiest, most adaptive self.

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